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Life is a Journey

VanCon 2011 My Photo Ops

VanCon 2011 My Photo Ops

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Sleeping Beauty

VanCon 2011 was absolutely amazing.  I reconnected with old friends, made LOTS of new friends and had the time of my life!!!  Here I am going to post my photo ops along with little stories about the taking of each one.

Friday night was the Karaoke Party with Matt Cohen andRichard Speight Jr.  They were both fantastic and so much fun.  The theme was 70's dance party, they both dressed the part, I did not.  So...the party started at 11:30PM, ended at 1:30AM, I was jet lagged by 3 hours so make that 4:30AM for me.  Even though I didn't drink at all because alcohol just makes me sleepy and I was already exhausted, while Matt and Richard had been drinking (dare I say heavily) all night...look at this picture and tell me who looks wasted.  LOL  Of course, you can't see their eyes.

On Saturday I had a photo op with Misha.  I got my pre-photo hug and then I leaned in and put my head on his shoulder for the photo.  I ask you, if you had the opportunity wouldn't you do the same thing?!?!  Looking a little more awake in this one.

On Sunday I had a photo op with Jensen and I really wanted him to smile one of his dazzling smiles for the photo.  I've noticed that he doesn't always smile for the photo ops, so I tried to think of something I could say to him to get him to smile, keeping in mind that he really intimidates me although I know he's super nice guy.  I ended up just saying 'Thank you for doing this' to which he replied 'Oh, you got it' in his sexy deep voice.  I think I was swooning when the picture was taken.  Afterwards he rubbed my back a few times.  I'll never forget it!  And look - he smiled!

Last came my dual photo op with Jared and Jensen.  Not too much to say here, confronted with both these gorgeous men at the same time I was completely tongue tied.  Jared is so incredibly tall that I had to crane my neck way back in order to see his face at all so dialogue really wasn't an option.  See, just a little smile from Jensen in this one, but Jared gives me his big trademark grin!

  • These all made me and feel warm and happy. <3
  • Marvellous - and you got a back rub as well as a smile from Jensen - bargain!!!!
    I know exactly what you mean though - he doesn't often smile 'properly' in photo ops (entirely understandable, given that they have umpteen photos in a day) so you did well here! That is why I was so deleriously happy with the one I got in Rome with Jensen and Misha when they both cracked up.

    Actually, your flowery shirt goes quite well with Matt and Richard's 70s gear... :D
    • HA! Yeah, and I guess the wasted look fits right in with the 70's theme. To say I was incredibly happy with the way these turned out would be an understatement! You got Jensen and Misha to crack up for your photo op? ^.^ Lucky girl! Can I see it?
      • You might have seen it already, but here it is. You might need a password to view it bigger (it's jib2011)
        • Oh my god, that's awesome!!!
          • Ha ha yes and it was an accident - I'd asked them to try and do the intense Dean Cas staring thing for me, while holding hands - they managed it for a few seconds then this happened just as the guy snapped the shot!
            • Yes, I saw that they were holding hands and wondered what that was about. You go girl!!! You got them to hold hands!
  • You got some great photos. You really did get Jensen to smile. It looks like it was a lot of fun. It was so nice to meet you! :)
    • It was awesome to meet you too. I loved being in Vancouver and getting to see and hear all the fantastic actors, but seeing old and meeting new friends was just as wonderful!!! It's an experience I'll never forget and hope to repeat next year. *hugs*
  • Gorgeous, fun, happy, grin-worthy...what else can I say? Thanks for sharing. :-) I am soooooo jealous (why do I have to live in the country that is far from everywhere??).
    • What a beautiful picture of you and Misha! Where was that one taken? Where do you live? I went to VanCon in 2010 and had such a great time I immediately paid for a ticket to the 2011 VanCon. This year was even more fun because I hung out with the friends I'd made from last year plus I made new friends. I have my ticket for 2012 already!!! Third row! I highly recommend the experience.
      • Oh, I would certainly love to go to VanCon. It always looks like a more relaxed atmosphere, and the guys seem more at ease. I live in Australia, which is where my photo was taken (also the one in this icon). The problem is, every time the boys come Down Under, they're tired and jet-lagged.

        Maybe one day I'll be able to make the trek - I've always wanted to go to Canada anyway! It is certainly on my to-do list. And as I'm a fairly seasoned traveller, there is a chance... :-)

        If you're ever coming to Oz, let me know. I'd be happy to meet up!
        • We had a bunch of Australians at the VanCon this year. They all wore t-shirts that said Aussie Posse on them. LOL I'd love to go to Austrailia one day; it looks beautiful. I live in Virginia, so going to Vancouver is quite a long trip for me too with two layovers. Totlly worth it though.
  • Hey there - awesome photos my dear!
    I think it was a good idea for Matt and Richard to wear their sunglasses in the first one - LOL. Those two are really hilarious.
    And your pic with Jensen is just awwwww ...
    It was an awesome con and I was so glad to finally meet you in person. Speaking of jetlag - we are still trying to catch up with those 9 hours they stole us on the way back from Seattle to Germany ... ;o) ** hugs **

    Edited at 2011-09-04 09:19 am (UTC)
    • I was thrilled to meet you and your family! So you made it home safe and sound? I have to admit I was a bit depressed on the plane ride home, I didn't want it to end, but once I got home and recieved hugs from my two boys I was alright again! Everyone at work got to see my pictures, autographs and hear all my stories. None of them watch the show so they don't really get it. Oh well, their loss. *hugs to you and yours*
  • wow! that's soo awesome! i wish I could take my pictures with them! I really like that picture of you and Jensen. I'm so glad he smiled for you! Just reading about someone else's unforgettable experience make me all happy :) thanks for sharing!
    • It really is awesome seeing Jared and Jensen in person. It's hard to describe actually, but when you see them and hear the guest stars talk about how great they are and how they make filming the show so much fun and the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable, you can begin to understand that they really are something special. The fact that they give up their time to come to the conventions is very telling of the kind of guys they are.
  • You look so gorgeous, absolutely adore your pic with Jensen :))
    • Heehee, thanks I'm rather fond of it myself. And your pic with Jared is beautiful. What a great hug you got! Are you really that tall or are you both sitting? :-)
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