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VanCon 2011 My Photo Ops

VanCon 2011 was absolutely amazing.  I reconnected with old friends, made LOTS of new friends and had the time of my life!!!  Here I am going to post my photo ops along with little stories about the taking of each one.

Friday night was the Karaoke Party with Matt Cohen andRichard Speight Jr.  They were both fantastic and so much fun.  The theme was 70's dance party, they both dressed the part, I did not.  So...the party started at 11:30PM, ended at 1:30AM, I was jet lagged by 3 hours so make that 4:30AM for me.  Even though I didn't drink at all because alcohol just makes me sleepy and I was already exhausted, while Matt and Richard had been drinking (dare I say heavily) all night...look at this picture and tell me who looks wasted.  LOL  Of course, you can't see their eyes.

On Saturday I had a photo op with Misha.  I got my pre-photo hug and then I leaned in and put my head on his shoulder for the photo.  I ask you, if you had the opportunity wouldn't you do the same thing?!?!  Looking a little more awake in this one.

On Sunday I had a photo op with Jensen and I really wanted him to smile one of his dazzling smiles for the photo.  I've noticed that he doesn't always smile for the photo ops, so I tried to think of something I could say to him to get him to smile, keeping in mind that he really intimidates me although I know he's super nice guy.  I ended up just saying 'Thank you for doing this' to which he replied 'Oh, you got it' in his sexy deep voice.  I think I was swooning when the picture was taken.  Afterwards he rubbed my back a few times.  I'll never forget it!  And look - he smiled!

Last came my dual photo op with Jared and Jensen.  Not too much to say here, confronted with both these gorgeous men at the same time I was completely tongue tied.  Jared is so incredibly tall that I had to crane my neck way back in order to see his face at all so dialogue really wasn't an option.  See, just a little smile from Jensen in this one, but Jared gives me his big trademark grin!

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