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Life is a Journey

Reading to an Audience

Reading to an Audience

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Sleeping Beauty

The Reading is over!!!  Huzzah!! 

The reading was Monday evening and I worked really hard at not being nervous all day.  I picked the fight scene between Sam, Dean and the Blink Bear from Chapter 1 of The Dope that we Smoke.   Since each person was only allowed five minutes of reading time, I had to cut up and re-write that section so that it fit within the allocated time limit and still made some sense without the context of the rest of the story.  Of course, that day both of my sons had friends over and they were playing very loudly, not to mention the fact that they were all over the house so there was no place where I could practice reading out loud.  I ended up taking my story outside and reading to my bunny rabbits in their hutches.  They probably thought I was nuts.

My family all came with me to the restaurant and it was packed.  There had to have been at least 150 people there with a microphone and speakers in the front.  My name was about half way through the list of readers – plenty of time to get worked up and nervous.  But what really helped me relax was thinking about all of you, the people I have come to know from sharing our stories with one another.  I thought about how supportive you all have been and I imagined you all there with me, cheering me on. 

I also had a real life cheering section in my family and all of the people from my class.  Amazingly, all 5 of the other students from my writing workshop came, even the ones who were not reading.  It was wonderful to see them again and to know that they were they because they wanted to show their support.  That made me realize that every single person in the restaurant was there to support someone or to support writers in general and no one was there to sit in judgment.  After that I felt much better.

When my turn came my hands were still shaking, even with all my reasons why I shouldn’t be nervous.  But my voice was steady even if I probably could have read slower and looked up at the audience more often to give my words more effect.  The funny part was when a waiter came out to serve one of the tables their order of flaming cheese.  Right in the middle of my reading he set the plate on fire.  Talk about distracting!!!  Oh well, it was good for a laugh afterwards when my instructor said, ‘It doesn’t get much more dramatic than having things set on fire while you’re reading’.

All in all, I got through it just fine and when it was over nobody booed or threw rotten fruit.  So I guess it was okay.

Actually, everyone clapped and my friends and family congratulated me and I felt relieved.  Yes, it was a good experience and I think I would even consider doing it again.

On another note, sadly, my computer crashed last week and I lost all 10 pages of the chapter I was working on for Bonded and Broken.  The file was not recoverable and now I have to re-write the entire thing.  I did not have a back up or a single printed copy.   *sigh*  This new version may end up being better than the first version.  I have to console myself somehow.

Thank you for being my friends!

  • *round of applause*

    I'm glad your reading went so well, I would have been just as (if not more) nervous and probably would have found some excuse to chicken out.

    Flaming cheese! to your loosing your work though, that is horrible! I thought I'd lost a whole story too the other day but fortunately I have a wireless back up in place I invested in because I work from home, so I managed to retrieve it. I'd recommend getting one - it backs up everything new automatically to a 1 terrabyte disk every hour (so I can't forget)
    • Re: *round of applause*

      If there had been a way to chicken out I would have taken it. I even went as far as to ask if I could get someone else to read my story for me. I had the person all picked out too, one of the guys from my class has the deepest voice I've ever heard. He would have been perfect since that chapter is told from Dean's POV. LOL

      Yeah, I was devestated when I realised the chapter from B&B was toast. I have a mind block when it comes to re-writing things. The kicked was I had basically finished the chapter. I just wanted to go back and review it one more time before I posted it. If I had just posted it and then revised it later everything would have been fine. Oh well, no use crying over lost chapters.

      Thanks hun!
  • I'm so glad the reading went well! ::HUGS:: But I'm so sorry you lost your next B&B chapter. I have every faith in you, however, that the rewrite will be just as good, if not better :) ::More HUGS, just cuz::

    I recently lost half of my story for this year's j2_everafter challenge, so I'm feeling the pain too.
    • It's a horrible feeling to realize that hours of agonizing work are completely gone. I'll never be able to get it back, not exactly the way it was. If you lost 1/2 a story you definitely know how I feel. I was really looking forward to posting it too.

      *hugs you back*
  • Thanks for letting us share such an amazing experience with you, sweetie. I'm truly honored that we helped in some way. :)

    • You really did help. Thinking about my on-line friends gave me a huge boost of confidence.

      I appreciate all the feedback I get. Maybe that makes me an attention hound in some ways. When I think about it like that, I should enjoy being up on stage with an entire room full of people staring at me. Somehow it just doesn't seem like the same thing. LOL

      Thanks again!!

      Edited at 2012-01-17 07:59 pm (UTC)
  • Yesssss, pats you on the back, great job. I'm very very proud of you and happy for you. Nerves of steel to get up there in front of all those people. Congrats.
    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I actually kind of enjoyed myself once I got past the nerves. It was interesting hearing all the other people reading their stories and poems too. Only problem was that some people read stories with a lot of swearing in them and I had my two kids with me. :o
  • I'm so glad it went well!! I did think about you. I'm always very nervous when I read in front of people!!! I'm proud of you!!!
    • Thank you so much! You really did help me, just the idea that you would want to be there if you could. Speaking in front of people is something I've never been comfortable with but I suppose it's something you just have to get used to. *giant Jared-sized hug*
  • That is so amazing and wonderful!
    • Thank you, I'm still shocked I went through with it. Now I'm really excited for the next workshop to start. One of my classmates, the ICU doctor, said she would take the workshop with me so now I'll know one person there and I'm already used to her style of writing and she's used to mine so that should make getting to know the other people easier. *hugs*
  • You did it, yes !
    I'm so proud of you, hon and glad everything went well (not that I had any doubts, but anyway ...).
    It's always good to have a support group with you for things like that, but still, even with a lot of people supporting me I probably would have chickened out in the end.
    So kudos for your bravery! *hugs*

    LOL - I just pictured you in the backyard reading out loud to your bunny rabbits ;o)
    • When I was a kid I was excrutiatingly shy and I still have a hard time talking to people I don't know well. That's why I chose accounting as a profession - mostly I can sit in my office without speaking to anyone all day long if I want to. LOL So it's kind of amazing that I volunteered to stand up in front of people and basically bare my soul.

      Thank you for being my friend. Your friendship means the world to me.

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