July 9th, 2019

Sleeping Beauty

It's Just a Dimension Jump (to the Left) Master Post

Title: It's Just a Dimension Jump (to the Left)
Author: Disneymagics
Artist: fridayblues
Beta:  jdl71
Rating: PG-13 until epilogue which is R
Characters: Jared, Jensen, Misha, Ty, Felicia, Danneel, AJ Buckley, Christian; minor appearances by Briana, Colin, Brock, Jeffrey Dean, David Haydn-Jones, Samantha Ferris, Samantha Smith, DJ Qualls, Richard Speight Jr.,; cameo appearance by Brian Kinney (Queer as Folk)
Genre: J2, horror, romance, hurt/comfort
Disclaimer: Don't own, just playing in the sandbox.
Warning:  Show level violence, strong language, m/m in epilogue, minor charactor deaths
Word Count: 49,000
Summary: Jensen has had a rough life with all the scars, physical, mental, and emotional, to prove it.  He keeps them all hidden because he learned from an early age what telling the truth will get him, a room in a home for troubled teens and antipsychotic meds.  But no matter what anyone else says, he knows monsters do exisit.  From the time he was fifteen years old, he's been on a quest that has consumed his whole life.  Maybe, when he reaches the end of his quest, he can lead a normal life again.  Maybe, he can even reconnect with his high school sweetheart, Jared.  Nah, that's just a fairy tale and fairy tales don't come true.  Not for Jensen.
A/N:  Chapter names come from The Rocky Horror Picture Show's song Time Warp.  Thank you to my cheerleaders, emmatheslayer, taralyngrady, and somer for giving me love and support.  A special thank you to jdl71 not only for the quick and enthusiastic beta, but also for giving me some great ideas and acting as a sounding board.  My artist fridayblues did an amazing job, creating two gorgeous pieces of artwork for my story - the header and a lovely picture for the ending which is embedded in the story.  Please go to her art master post and leave her lots of love because she is amazing!  Art master post: click here

Chapter 1 It's so Dreamy
Chapter 2 So Fantasy Free Me
Chapter 3 So You Can't See Me
Chapter 4 No Not at All
Chapter 5 In Another Dimension
Chapter 6 With Voyeuristic Intention
Chapter 7 Well Secluded, I'll See All
Chapter 8 With a Bit of a Mind Flip
Chapter 9 You're Into the Time Slip
Chapter 10 And Nothing Will Ever be the Same
Chapter 11 You're Spaced Out on Sensation
Chapter 12 Like You're Under Sedation
Chapter 13 Let's do the Time Warp Again

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