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Life is a Journey

Help please

Help please

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Sleeping Beauty

I'm going to be posting a horror/hurt/comfort ficlet featuring a GIANT SPIDER as the fugly in the near future and I'm debating about using a picture I found.  I'm just not too sure how squeamish people are about spiders.  I've put the picture under a cut just in case you don't want to see it, at all. But if you don't mind, could you maybe take a look and tell me:

Poll #1842082 Spider Picture Yea or Nay

A small version of this picture..

would be ok as part of the story header and would generate interest in the story.
would be okay at the end of the story.
should never be seen anywhere at any time.
umm...maybe you could find a less offensive spider picture to use.

  • I'm spider phobic so am maybe not the best to ask but, boy, is that one ugly spider there. :)
  • I like it, but I would much rather have the description, so that I can create my own mental image. :)
  • I NEVER EVER LIKE LOOKING AT PICTURES of spiders (SORRY CAPSLOCK) so i'm typing this while resolutely not looking up at the screen to even take a peek. I'm pretty phobic and can't stand them and if I look I won't be good for much for the rest of the day, lol. So if you're thinking of using it ona story header, you may want to consider the people who are as phobic as me. ♥
  • Ooohh... It looks mad. Love it!
    But yeah, prestty creepy although...isnt'that the goal?

  • Hm, I'm not a big fan of spiders and the hairier they are the more I despise them, but hey, a picture like that will definitely generate interest in the story and I would love to read the story right here and now.
    Somehow the one in your pic even looks kinda funny - LOL!
    I guess it just depends what else you're gonna put in the story header along with the spider pic, because if you have a nice pic of the boys next to it, it should be not too bad, I think ;o)
  • I think its cute
  • that is one fugly spider, go for it.
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