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Life is a Journey

Polls are Fun

Polls are Fun

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Sleeping Beauty
Yay!!!  That poll was so much fun!  I've seen other people use them, but thought I'd never be able to figure out how to do one because, I don't know about you guys, but everything on LJ seems to be very, very difficult for me.  It takes me over an hour to post a simple one-shot.  Nothing formats correctly the first time and when I edit the entry to fix one thing, something else invariably breaks.

How do you handle the LJ posting process?

Anyway, the poll was surprisingly easy to do and it was so much fun seeing the votes come in.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  As you may have already seen, I elected not to use the spider picture in any way, shape or form.  Yes, even though the majority of voters said it would be all right to use the picture there were a few who gave very good reasons for not using it.  I never, ever want to traumatize anyone and the potential was definitely there, so nope, not gonna do it.

And then there were the people who said the spider was cute.  *shakes head*  LOL
  • Posting on LJ - I usually cut and paste fics from Word into the Rich text view on LJ first, though I find that the line spacing is often wrong so I have to amend my word doc to increase the line spacing there, so it looks right on LJ. Then I check how it looks in preview. I sometimes switch between Rich text view and HTML view, but usually only if I'm posting pics.
    I'm sure there are easier ways of doing this but I am too lazy to read instructions... LOL!
    • I can't copy and paste from word because the spacing is always messed up no matter what I do. One way gives me way too much space and the other gives me no spaces at all. The only way I can get the correct spacing is to post to FF,net first and then copy and paste from there. Lots of times it'll make everything bold and then won't let me unbold it or it'll just randomly delete sections. If I try to link to other people or communities it won't put a space after their name and I'll have to go back to put the space in. Sometimes it takes several tries before it'll accept the space. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it's very frustrating. I'm like you though, I don't have the patience to try to read directions. I didn't know directions existed.
      • Ha ha I think there are places that give instruction but I can't be arsed. Posting links usually works for me though sometimes it does strange things when I'm trying to copy across someone's username.

        The word spacing thing - I think I've got it working now, I have to change the line spacing on my word document to 6pt before and after, then it works. It doesn't work on auto spacing.
  • Sweetie,

    a lot of times I copy and paste everything into Notepad from Word first. That strips out the formatting. Then I recopy the text from Notepad and paste it into the LJ editor. I also use Semagic, which is a great offline lj client which lets you edit, preview, post, all the good stuff. :)
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