disneymagics (disneymagics) wrote,

Polls are Fun

Yay!!!  That poll was so much fun!  I've seen other people use them, but thought I'd never be able to figure out how to do one because, I don't know about you guys, but everything on LJ seems to be very, very difficult for me.  It takes me over an hour to post a simple one-shot.  Nothing formats correctly the first time and when I edit the entry to fix one thing, something else invariably breaks.

How do you handle the LJ posting process?

Anyway, the poll was surprisingly easy to do and it was so much fun seeing the votes come in.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  As you may have already seen, I elected not to use the spider picture in any way, shape or form.  Yes, even though the majority of voters said it would be all right to use the picture there were a few who gave very good reasons for not using it.  I never, ever want to traumatize anyone and the potential was definitely there, so nope, not gonna do it.

And then there were the people who said the spider was cute.  *shakes head*  LOL
Tags: eight is enough, picture, writing challenge
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