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Life is a Journey

VanCon 2012

VanCon 2012

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Sleeping Beauty

I'm back from the Vancouver Convention and finally rested enough to post my photo ops!  VanCon 2012 was crazy and fun and exhausting.  It was my first time ever seeing Steve Carlson and he was fantastic, both his panel and his concert were extremely enjoyable.  He mentioned that he was staying at Jensen's house and they were writing songs together.  Jensen is singing one of the songs on an album he is working on.  How cool is that!

If you haven't already seen it you have got to watch Mark Pellegrio singing Sweet Transvestite at the karaoke party on Friday night.  Here is one of many videos taken that night - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIOg8ByybCk  The party didn't start until 11:30PM, but so many stars showed up for it.  It was a blast.

Okay, so here are my photo ops. 

First, I had my picture taken with Kim Rhodes.  She was a sweetheart.  From this picture you might think we were best friends, she puts so much of herself into everything she does.

On Saturday I had my picture taken with Matt Cohen.  He is always so much fun.  I love him!

After the karaoke I decided I had to have my picture taken with Mark Pellegrino and Mark Sheppard.  I asked them each for a hug before the picture was taken and they both did, but I don't think Mark S. was very happy about it...I mean look at the face he's making.  LOL  It's like 'WTF, I'm the king of hell, what am I doing here?'

Sunday was all about Jared and Jensen!  First I got my picture with Jensen.  Good Lord, it's intimidating being that close to him.  I wanted to talk to him before the picture was taken and I had my speach all planned.  Then I got up to him and couldn't get a single word out.  Here you can see my 'OMG I have my hand on Jensen Ackles' stomach while he looks at the camera with his sexy, bedrom eyes' expression.  Who knew I had such an expression?  It was news to me, but there it is.  And let me just tell you that the shirt he had on was very thin.  I could feel his abs, I think I felt his belly button too, not that I was trying.  ^.^  During the autographs I did manage to talk to him.  I told him that Steve was great on Friday night and asked if he had enjoyed karaoke.  He said yes, Steve told him that it was the best karaoke he'd been to yet!

Then I got to have my picture taken with Jared.  I think my expression shows that I am much more comfortable around Jared than I am around Jensen.  I don't know why that is because they are both gorgeous and about as nice and sweet as it's possible for them to be.  During the autographs I asked Jared about the shirt he was wearing because it looked exactly the same as the shirt he wore during the 2011 VanCon.  I asked if it was the same shirt or if he just had more than one of the same shirts.  It's really true that Jared can talk about anything because he then explained that he had a bunch of the same shirts.  He showed me the tag at the back of the shirt which had a 'V' written on it.  The V was for Vancouver so he knew to leave that shirt in Vancouver when he packed, but he also had the same shirt in LA and Texas.  He was still talking about his shirts and where he buys them when one of the convention organizers tapped me on the shoulder and told me I needed to move along.  I wanted to scream, "But Jared's still talking to me!"

The convention was an awesome experience.  I got to see cha and jjinmo_356 plus I meet a bunch of new friends.  Sadly, I don't think I'll be going back next year, but I may go to the NJ con instead.  It's closer to me (within reasonable driving distance) and I may have someone to share the motel room with to cut down on the cost.

So, there we are - my VanCon 2012 photo ops.

  • Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I read more about Jared being breath taking than Jensen these days. Jared is still so young and pretty but it's nice to read that Jensen can still stun you. I love them both, well I may love Jensen a little more. Matt looks so sweet and I JUST LOVE KIM.
    • Thank you for sharing your experience and your photo ops. They all look really great. I had three photo ops with Mark S. in the past. And I don´t think that he was not happy. It is just his photo op face! We were laughing before the photo was taking and still the same result as yours. So don´t worry - the king of hell is amused - I am sure of it.

      I know what you talk about with seeing these two gorgeous man in person. I am happy for you that you got to talk to both of them during the autograph session.
      • That makes me feel a lot better about Mark S because you're right, he seemed fine right before the picture was taken. I asked Mark P. for a hug first and he said 'of course' and then I asked Mark S. and he smiled and hugged me, but then he had such a sour look on his face for the picture it made me wonder. LOL

        It really is intimidating being next to Jared and Jensen. That's why I did individual pictures this year instead of the J&J sandwich. Faced with both of them at the same time is overwhelming!
        • Yes I know. The one time I met these two at the AECon2 I was ok with each one of them in the solo panel. But with the two of them together at the J2 photo op - I was a stumbling mess. I am still surprised that the photo anyhow worked out.

          I am glad that I could help on the Mark S. front. :)))))
    • Stunning is actually a very good word to describe Jensen. The first time I saw him on Sunday was at the breakfast and my heart just stopped, he is drop dead gorgeous!

      Matt is a sweeheart. He gives everyone hugs, even if they don't want one. LOL I always want one of his hugs!
  • Thanks for the pics - they look great.
    I'm going to the Las Vegas con and looking forward to my photo ops with J & J
    • I heard the LA con sold out within days of being announced so good for you on getting tickets. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time! Have you been to other conventions?
      • I'm going to the Las Vegas con not the LA con - (although I wouldn't mind going to LA at least once!) LOL
        I've been to about 5 conventions here in the UK but this is my first outside of the UK, I saw Vegas and I've wanted to go to Vegas for a long time so decided to just buy a ticket (A) because it's Vegas and (B) it's a Supernatural convention! LOL
        My partner thinks I am mad....
  • wow your pictures really turned out great, Kim is just wonderful as well as Matt. And you know all about the boys. I'm glad we spent time together for me that just adds to the whole convention.
    • I had a great time hanging out with you. Thanks for coming to eat squash and prawn ravioli with me!

      I'm really happy with the way the pictures came out, especially since each one has a story behind it and means something to me. :-)
  • WOW !!! *is jealous here*
    I wish I could have been in Vancouver this year again and meet up with you (and the boys).
    But I'm glad you had a great time and your photos are just awesome. I'd love to meet Kim one day, she seems to be a real sweetheart.
    And you touching Jensen's abs - OMG ;o)
    You know I had the same "problem" when I met the Js. Jared is amazing, sweet and I feel more comfortable around him, but I guess that's because he's like a big kid. Jensen on the other hand is just stunning and I feel like, this man can't be really standing in front of me and my mind just goes blank and my tongue is twisted so that nothing coherent comes out of my mouth ... *shrugs helplessly*
    I heard that he'll be singing a song on Steve's new album too, so I'm totally gonna buy it as soon as it comes out!
    Hey, if you're looking for a companion for the NJ Con, I might be interested ... when will it take place?
    Talk to you soon, sweetie!
    • I wish you had been there too! The only real regret I had about this year's comvention is that there weren't as many people I knew there as last year.

      For me, the conventions are about 4/5 excitement, fun, laughter and 1/5 nervous, woried, anticipation. So many emotions that by the time I get hme I'm wrung out.

      The NJ con next year is in May which I think may be too soon for me to go again so now I'm thinking 2014. I'd LOVE for you to come!
  • Bwhahah that is hilarious about Jared and his many shirts!! I know exactly what you mean about the Jensen Effect though. Yup.
    I love that photo op with Jensen - the way you are leaning towards him as if you meant to keep your distance but just couldn't control it!!! He is firm, isn't he? I tested that when in Chicago after those topless footy pics seemed to show a tiny bit of podge... The things we do for research, eh?
    • Yes! The Jensen Effect. It was really frustrating because the words were right on the tip of my tongue and he was looking at me as if he knew I was trying to say something and the words would just not come out of my mouth! Ugh! Oh yeah, I totally leaned into him though and hell yes, he's firm!
  • VanCon

    I was just rereading one of the WishVerse fics and noticed you said you were at VanCon so I had to come check out your LJ. ;)

    I was at VanCon too!!! I live in the area and took that weekend off work. :)

    I was going to stay for the karaoke but it took them so long...they hadn't even set up for it...and I was dependent on public transit at the time and was worried I'd be miss the last train and bus getting home so I left. :( Next year though I am staying.

    Misha & Jim's panel was pretty cool too. I got pix with Misha & Jared. Jim autographed my "Bobby Singer's guide to Hunting".

    Isn't Jared the sweetest?!?! OMG... I stepped over to him and he looks and me and crouches down (he's 6'4 and I'm 4'10" lol) for the pic.

    I could go on and on... LOL
    • Re: VanCon

      The convention was a blast! It's too bad we couldn't meet up. I love meeting people from FF.net and LJ at the conventions. Karaoke did get a very late start. I think it was one of the highlights of the convention though. You should definitely stay if you get the chance to go next year. I'm taking next year off from conventions to do a family vacation instead. Then I'll try to do the NJ convention in 2014 because it's closer to where I live.

      Yes, Jared is a sweetheart!
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