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VanCon 2012

I'm back from the Vancouver Convention and finally rested enough to post my photo ops!  VanCon 2012 was crazy and fun and exhausting.  It was my first time ever seeing Steve Carlson and he was fantastic, both his panel and his concert were extremely enjoyable.  He mentioned that he was staying at Jensen's house and they were writing songs together.  Jensen is singing one of the songs on an album he is working on.  How cool is that!

If you haven't already seen it you have got to watch Mark Pellegrio singing Sweet Transvestite at the karaoke party on Friday night.  Here is one of many videos taken that night - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIOg8ByybCk  The party didn't start until 11:30PM, but so many stars showed up for it.  It was a blast.

Okay, so here are my photo ops. 

First, I had my picture taken with Kim Rhodes.  She was a sweetheart.  From this picture you might think we were best friends, she puts so much of herself into everything she does.

On Saturday I had my picture taken with Matt Cohen.  He is always so much fun.  I love him!

After the karaoke I decided I had to have my picture taken with Mark Pellegrino and Mark Sheppard.  I asked them each for a hug before the picture was taken and they both did, but I don't think Mark S. was very happy about it...I mean look at the face he's making.  LOL  It's like 'WTF, I'm the king of hell, what am I doing here?'

Sunday was all about Jared and Jensen!  First I got my picture with Jensen.  Good Lord, it's intimidating being that close to him.  I wanted to talk to him before the picture was taken and I had my speach all planned.  Then I got up to him and couldn't get a single word out.  Here you can see my 'OMG I have my hand on Jensen Ackles' stomach while he looks at the camera with his sexy, bedrom eyes' expression.  Who knew I had such an expression?  It was news to me, but there it is.  And let me just tell you that the shirt he had on was very thin.  I could feel his abs, I think I felt his belly button too, not that I was trying.  ^.^  During the autographs I did manage to talk to him.  I told him that Steve was great on Friday night and asked if he had enjoyed karaoke.  He said yes, Steve told him that it was the best karaoke he'd been to yet!

Then I got to have my picture taken with Jared.  I think my expression shows that I am much more comfortable around Jared than I am around Jensen.  I don't know why that is because they are both gorgeous and about as nice and sweet as it's possible for them to be.  During the autographs I asked Jared about the shirt he was wearing because it looked exactly the same as the shirt he wore during the 2011 VanCon.  I asked if it was the same shirt or if he just had more than one of the same shirts.  It's really true that Jared can talk about anything because he then explained that he had a bunch of the same shirts.  He showed me the tag at the back of the shirt which had a 'V' written on it.  The V was for Vancouver so he knew to leave that shirt in Vancouver when he packed, but he also had the same shirt in LA and Texas.  He was still talking about his shirts and where he buys them when one of the convention organizers tapped me on the shoulder and told me I needed to move along.  I wanted to scream, "But Jared's still talking to me!"

The convention was an awesome experience.  I got to see cha and jjinmo_356 plus I meet a bunch of new friends.  Sadly, I don't think I'll be going back next year, but I may go to the NJ con instead.  It's closer to me (within reasonable driving distance) and I may have someone to share the motel room with to cut down on the cost.

So, there we are - my VanCon 2012 photo ops.

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