disneymagics (disneymagics) wrote,

Goofy Golden Retriever Raids Rabbit Nest

Yesterday on my way home from work I get a phone call from my 10 year old son to tell me that he had to pry our golden retriever's mouth open to save a baby bunny rabbit from being used as a chew toy.  When I got home the bunny was huddled in the corner of a shoe box with some lettuce, carrots and a bowl of water.  We looked all over the back yard and couldn't find a burrow or a mother rabbit. 

The tiny little thing is only a couple inches long and I didn't know if it was up to eating lettuce and carrots yet, so I went to the local Petsmart for a feeding bottle and some kitten formula (they didn't carry any bunny formula) and I spent the evening bottle feeding the baby rabbit.

This morning my husband let the dog outside again and she came back with another baby bunny in her mouth.  I guess he wasn't thinking to watch to see where she was getting poor little things from.  There's still no sign of a nest.  Now we have two baby wild rabbits.

They are the cutest little things.  Very sweet and cuddly once they got over being afraid.  Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?  We love animals, but I've never had rabbits before and certainly never wild rabbits.

Tags: baby bunnies, golden retriever, rabbits

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