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Mine to Play With 2/3

Title: Mine To Play With (2/3)
Author: Disneymagics
Rating: NC17
Pairing: j2
Characters: Jared, Jensen, Christian, and Chad
Genre: RPS
Disclaimer: None of these people belong to me; they all belong to themselves. None of this is true in any way, shape or form. I made it all up.
Warnings: Explicit M/M, unrealistic use of drugs (recreational), exhibitionism, mild D/s, blindfold, this is porn with very little plot, you have been warned.
Word Count: 14,000 in total (4,400 this part)
Summary: Written in response to this prompt at spnkink-meme: Jared and Jensen are in a full, trusting relationship. But normal sex is boring for them. So they have a game. They are allowed to drug each other whenever/where-ever they want. The other one doesn't know when it's happening and is entirely helples to whatever the other is doing to him.
A/N: This is my first try at writing and posting porn, so yeah, I'm nervous. I almost didn't claim this fill and then I thought about using a sock puppet journal, but ultimately I decided to be brave and just post it here. Please read the warnings carefully and enter at your own risk. Feedback is much appreciated.

Mine to Play With

Chapter 2

It's been a while since Jared has played their special game, two months since that night at the club when he had slipped a little of the powder into Jensen's beer. His sweet boy had been grateful for the freedom that evening had given him, but Jared hasn't felt it necessary to drug his boyfriend since then. After all, they have plenty of fun without the drugs. Jensen is a generous and responsive lover and Jared tries to give as good as he gets.

No, Jared's perfectly happy with Jensen just the way he is, however, if the sidelong glances and flirtatious smiles he's been getting are anything to go by, his boy is ready to play again. It's in the way he rests his chin on his fist and glances up at Jared through his long, beautiful lashes and the way, each time Jared hands him a glass of wine or a bottle of beer with dinner, he swirls it thoughtfully before taking that first swallow.

That's part of the fun, the fact that Jensen never knows when it's coming, when he'll start to feel weightless and floaty, like nothing can hurt him and all of his senses are magnified, especially his sense of touch.

Now that they're in LA during hiatus visiting friends, Jared has a plan to give Jensen exactly what he's been craving.

"Are you gonna bring your guitar tonight?" He asks as Jensen strums a chord then makes a few adjustments to the tuning pegs, strums again, and makes another adjustment before strumming and nodding, satisfied.

Jensen looks up and smiles. "Yeah, Jason said he'd be there and we haven't jammed together in forever. I'm really looking forward to seeing him."

"If the two of you start playing, Chris and Steve won't be able to resist getting in on the action, you know that right? You better be ready for a marathon jam session." Jared teases and Jensen's smile gets wider. Looks like the idea of a marathon jam session doesn't bother him too much.

Tonight they're going to Christian's place for a barbecue. Chris is so stoked about having his best friend around that he's invited all their friends over; Tom, Mike, Jason, Steve, and even Chad. Guys night out. Everyone who's going to be at Chris' tonight knows about the game and they're all aware of the rules.

A game like the one he plays with Jensen has to have rules and rule number one is very important – keep Jensen safe at all cost.

Keeping Jensen safe and happy is Jared's number one priority at all times and never more so than when he's vulnerable and unable to take care of himself. Like he will be tonight.

The baggie of white powder is already stashed discretely in the front pocket of his blue jeans.


Before they can even knock on the door, Christian throws it wide and pulls Jensen into a one-armed hug. "Jen, good to see you, cowboy."

Thumping his friend on the back enthusiastically, Jensen says, "It's good to be seen and, seriously man, thanks for throwing this shindig. You're the best."

"Ain't no thing and you know it." Christian has a beer in one hand and a huge grin on his face as he waves them both in. "Hey Jared, how you been?"

Jared transfers the case of beer he's carrying into his left hand and extends his right. "Can't complain. Life's good, real good. How about you? LA treatin' you okay?"

"Hell yeah, son." Christian shakes Jared's offered hand. "Why don't you put the beer in the fridge, grab yourselves a coupla cold ones and come on out back. Tom and Mike got here ten minutes ago and they're already fighting over which one gets to man the grill."

They all move toward the kitchen, Jensen carrying his guitar case and Jared carrying the beer.

"Jason still coming?" Jensen asks.

"Yup, he says he wouldn't miss it for the world." Christian puts his hand on the scruff of Jensen's neck and gives him a little shake. "Your friends miss you, ya know?"

The bashful but happy expression on his boyfriend's face makes Jared very glad they were able to make the trip down. Jensen doesn't get to see his friends often enough and, yeah, they're Jared's friends too but it's not really the same for him. Jared makes friends everywhere he goes. It's harder for Jensen, being more shy and introverted. Jensen doesn't make friends easily so the friends he has are precious to him and he holds them very close to his heart.

They feel the same about him.

Next to arrive is Chad, lugging a bag of ice and a bottle of tequila. "So, we can make margaritas, asshole," he all but shouts as soon as he gets through the door, waggling his eyebrows and trying to high five Jared. The high five goes about as well as can be expected considering both Chad's arms are full.

Jared just shakes his head and grabs the bottle of tequila before it can get smashed on the terra cotta tiles covering the entryway of Christian's ranch-style home. Handing Chad a beer, he directs him outside to join the others.

Jensen is already out back, drinking a beer and catching up with Christian. Mike and Tom are still fighting over the huge, stainless steel grill, each one claiming the other will set fire to the steaks if given half a chance. It's probably a good thing there's no lighter fluid involved.

That leaves Jared in charge of answering the door. He doesn't mind. As he stands in the kitchen waiting for the last two to arrive, he has a clear view of his stunning boyfriend through the back screen door.

Jensen has his head tipped back, laughing at something Christian has just said. The long, elegant line of his throat is bared and his eyes are shinning with amusement.

Jared's breath catches in his throat. It's fucking insane how much he loves that man.

Just then, Jensen turns, looking for him as though he wants to share the joke.

With a suggestive wink, Jared licks his lips and Jensen honest-to-God blushes, a flattering pink tinting his high cheek bones. Jared chuckles; his boy is so easy to fluster. An outsider who didn't know any better might think Jared has never flirted with Jensen before in his life, much less all those other naughty things they've done.

Before he can do anything about the blush on his adorable boyfriend's face, Steve comes waltzing in without bothering to knock. He's wearing a gaudy Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops, like the beach bum he always proclaims to be, and he's carrying a foil-covered plate piled high with corn on the cob. It smells fantastic.

Steve is quickly followed by Jason, who is loaded down by two guitar cases, his own and Steve's.

"Aloha, Jared my man," Steve says as he whisks past Jared and out to the back deck with the others.

"Someone's in a hurry to join the party." Jutting his chin toward Steve's quickly departing back, Jared takes one of the guitar cases from Jason and hands the man a beer.

"Seems like." Jason grins and continues in the same direction.

Doorman duties successfully completed, Jared follows his friends outside, snags a deck chair next to Jensen's, and pulls his boyfriend's feet into his lap so he can tickle his delicate insoles, stroke the soft skin of his ankles.

Surprisingly, what with Tom and Mike's antics, the steaks turn out great, seared to perfection on the outside, pink and juicy on the inside. The corn tastes just as good as it smells and the beer is the two things beer should always be, cold and plentiful.

Even the weather is cooperating, sunny and warm, but with enough of a breeze to keep things comfortable. They eat outside on the deck. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying the good company as much, or possibly even more than, the food.

When they're done eating, Jason takes his guitar from its case. Jensen doesn't waste any time getting his out as well and, as predicted, Steve and Christian follow suit.

The four of them goof around, building off each other's riffs, occasionally playing an actual song. At the end of Crazy Love, Jensen's favorite, his boyfriend looks over at him, an unreadable expression on his face, and says, "I sure could go for one of those margaritas right about now."

"As you wish," Jared responds with a very Wesley-like smirk and tilt of his head.

"Are you quoting Princess Bride at me now?" Jensen laughs.

"It seemed appropriate."

Chad fake gags. "Oh Jesus Christ, you two are gonna make me hurl."

Thwacking Chad on the head as he passes by on his way inside to the kitchen, Jared says, "Fine, no margarita for you, Murray."

The banging of the screen door closing behind him muffles Chad's squawk of indignation, but Jared can still hear, "...but it's my tequila, motherfucker," loud and clear.

Jared snickers. There's always one guy in every group of friends who might as well have a huge bullseye painted on his back and that friend will always be Chad in any group of friends that'll have him.

The frozen margaritas are nearly finished blending and Jared is measuring out the precise dosage of white powder for Jensen's glass when the screen door swings open and Chad strolls in, presumably to make sure Jared is making enough margaritas for everyone, including him. He leans against the doorframe, hands stuffed in the pockets of his cargo shorts and watches as Jared pours Jensen's margarita, sprinkles the powder on top, and stirs it all together.

"Let the game begin." Chad whispers.


The empty margarita glass sits next to Jensen's deck chair.

Jared is chatting with Tom about filming in Vancouver and how much they both love the city, but he's keeping a close eye on Jensen at the same time. He's curious to see how long it's going to take their friends to figure out what's going on. So far, only Chad knows and that's because he saw Jared putting the drugs into Jensen's glass.

The signs aren't obvious yet.

They soon will be.

Over the span of about fifteen minutes, Jensen's eyes become more and more heavy lidded, his talented fingers strum the guitar more and more lethargically. At some point he stops singing in his honey-smooth, mellow voice and begins humming along quietly. His posture gets lazy and his gaze wanders to the horizon where streaks of lavender and pink paint the evening sky as the sun disappears.

Tom clues in to Jensen's strange behavior first. He breaks off mid sentence to ask, "Hey is…is something wrong with Jensen?" A worried frown knots his eyebrows together and in two long strides Tom's standing in front of his friend. "You feeling okay, Jense?"

Jensen stops fingering his guitar and cocks his head, looking way up at Tom. The smile on his face is serene, even if it's somewhat lopsided. He gestures for Tom to come closer and when Tom kneels down to be at eye level with Jensen on his low deck chair, Jensen leans into him, resting his head on Tom's shoulder and nuzzling into his neck like an abandoned child who's starved for affection.

Tom gets a bemused look on his face and, reaching up to brush back the hair that's fallen onto Jensen's face, he asks, "What's wrong, Jensen?"

"Nothing's wrong with him. Leave him be." Christian growls, scowling at Tom as though he's committed a cardinal sin.

"Yeah Tommy, leave him be. If you want to talk to Jensen right now, you'll need to go through his travel agent first." Mike sends a mock salute Jared's way.

Huh, maybe Jared isn't nearly as stealthy as he thinks he is because, apparently, Tom isn't the first of their friends to clue in to Jensen's little trip and he's also not the second or the third. Apparently, Tom is the last.

Neither Jason nor Steve have said anything yet, but they're both watching Christian as though they expect him to go homicidal at any moment.

A flash of understanding crosses Tom's face. Giving Jensen's head one last pat, he eases away and stands up, sending a rueful smile toward Jared.

That's Jared's cue to step in before there's a misinterpretation of the rules. Misinterpretations are rare, but they do happen and when they do things can get ugly because Christian and Jared both tend to take the rules very seriously. It's not that the others don't appreciate the rules; it's just that there are sometimes grey areas. Jared acknowledges that fact. Christian doesn't.

Rule number two – don't take advantage of Jensen when he's wide open and defenseless.

Nudging Tom out of the way, Jared cups Jensen's chin and waits until he knows he has his beautiful boy's attention. "What do you say we put the guitar away for now, baby?"

"Okay," Jensen nods and, as soon as Jared has put the guitar back in its case, he stands up and puts both arms around Jared's neck. "Wanna dance with you, please."

The feel of Jensen's semi-hard cock sliding against his thigh as his boyfriend sways into his arms is all the enticement Jared needs.

All Jared has to do is nod at Jason for their friend to begin playing another of Jensen's favorite songs. The familiar chords flow around them, smooth and comforting, so unlike the heavy bass beat from the club. Chris and Steve soon join in and Jared feels a swell of emotion strong enough to take his breath away.

Jensen is a warm weight against his chest, looking up at him, gorgeous, green eyes unfocused, waiting for Jared to take the lead, to tell him what to do and how to do it. So eager to please.

Pulling his boyfriend in closer, both hands gripping his firm ass, Jared melds their bodies together until they're touching from thigh to shoulder. Jensen lowers his head, presses his full lips into the hollow of Jared's neck, and sucks while making the most delicious noises Jared has ever heard. The wet heat sends all the blood in his body straight to his cock. Jared moans and grinds his sudden erection against Jensen's.

"Fucking Hell." Chad's curse clears the fog of want from Jared's head and he looks up, scans the faces watching them. Honestly, he'd been so wrapped up in Jensen that he'd almost forgotten the main purpose of the evening.

His boy has a wide variety of kinks. His desire to be drugged into submission is only one of them and Jared is more than happy to indulge him in every way.

Jensen's friends love him, are loyal to him, and would do anything for him. When Jared had called to ask if they'd be willing to participate in this particular fantasy, they had all agreed. Chad a little too eagerly, but aside from that…

Jared thrusts his hips forward as he rocks them from side to side. Jensen gasps, his mouth releasing its suction grip from Jared's neck, and his head falls back slightly in response to the friction on his cock. Taking the opportunity to claim Jensen's vulnerable-looking, puffy lips, Jared leans in and mashes their mouths together.

What they're doing isn't so much dancing as it is simply swaying back and forth while grinding against each other. It's filthy and it's sloppy and it feels amazing.

When Jared pulls back from the kiss he sees that Jensen's eyes are closed. Whispering directly into Jensen's lightly-freckled ear, breath stirring the fine hairs at the nape of his boyfriend's neck, Jared says, "Open your eyes, baby. See, everyone's watching you. They all know how desperate you are, how crazy this makes you. They all know how much this turns you on, how your insides feel like they're on fire and at any moment you're going to go up in flames."

A shiver goes through Jensen's body. His eyes snap open and he begins to writhe and squirm, like he can't get enough, like it's never going to be enough, like he's going to die if he doesn't get more, more, more.

Holding Jensen in his arms is like trying to contain the elements themselves, primal and powerful and raw.

This is a very different Jensen, completely unlike his usual languid, sensual slide into drugged bliss. If this is how Jensen reacts to having his friends watch then they're going to have to do this more often.

This is fucking intense.

Every eye is on Jensen. Every eye except Christian's. Christian is looking down at his guitar, face set in a stormy mask.

"You can watch, Christian. He wants you to." Jared reminds Jensen's most loyal and supportive friend.

Christian looks up then and when his gaze meets Jensen's, his expression softens, turns fond and…

There's something else there, something that Jared doesn't have time to decipher right now. Not when he has an extremely steamy, aroused boyfriend to take care of.

"Turn around, baby. Let them see you." Jared maneuvers until he has Jensen's back against his chest.

Jensen complies but he whines at the loss of anything to rub his hard dick across.

"Easy, I'm gonna take care of it. I've got you." Jared murmurs.

Unzipping Jensen's jeans, Jared gets a hand under the waistband of his stunning boy's boxer briefs. He curls his fingers around the velvety smooth, heated length he finds there. Jensen's cock is stiff and pulsing with need in his hand.

"Come Jense. You can come." With a couple firm strokes from base to tip, Jensen is thrashing and moaning, come spurting to coat his belly and Jared's hand. It takes all Jared's strength to hold onto him when Jensen's knees buckle.

Christian rushes forward to lend a hand in keeping Jensen from hitting the deck and Steve hands him a napkin to clean up with.

"That was hot, man. He's something else. Take good care of him." Steve says, his voice infinitely gentle as he pats Jared on the back.


The inside of Christian's house is undeniably masculine, decorated in earth tones of tan and varying shades of green, accented in cream. In his den, he has the largest flat-screen, hi-def, 3D television known to man with surround sound speakers, DVD player, and attached X-box.

Everyone is crashed out around the room, watching baseball on ESPN, Yankees vs. the Tigers. It's not too exciting, but they all need something to help them calm down after watching Jensen splinter into a million erotic pieces out on the deck. Jared is half-heartedly rooting for the Yankees while Chad is hollering as loudly as he can for the Tigers. Why is anybody's guess.

Jensen is curled up against Jared's side on the sofa, head tucked into his shoulder. Although he'd undoubtedly been wildly aroused and totally into the performance he'd given his friends outside, now he seems to need constant reassurance, as though he's scared Jared or his friends might be upset with him for some reason.

"That was incredible, baby. You were so good, absolutely amazing." Jared presses a loving kiss to Jensen's temple.

Instead of the drowsy purr of contentment his sweet boy would normally make right about now, he turns his head, hides his eyes, and fucking whimpers.

Jared's heart constricts. What's wrong here? What is he missing?

A quick glance around the room and Jared has his answer – there's a scowl on Christian's face and his knee is bouncing up and down a mile a minute.

Jealous. Christian is jealous. That's what this is all about. Christian is jealous and Jensen, being highly sensitive, is reading that jealousy as anger.

The pieces all fall into place and it's so obvious that Jared doesn't know why he hasn't noticed it before. Well, to be fair he's always suspected there was something in the overly-protective way Christian treats Jensen, but he'd thought it mostly amounted to the vulnerable vibe his boyfriend gives off and Christian's innately protective nature.

Part of him, the possessive part, wants to gloat and rub it in Christian's face. Jensen belongs to him and only him. The more mature part of him needs to fix this somehow. The sooner the better.

One look at his boyfriend, pressed miserably into his side, and it's no contest. The mature side wins hands down.

Hoping he isn't doing more harm than good, Jared calls over to their friend, "Hey Christian, trade places with me for a couple of minutes."

The expression on Christian's face quickly morphs into one of shock. He looks like someone has just offered him a million dollars and he suspects a trick or a joke.

Clutching at Jared's shirt, Jensen makes a sad little sound that gets muffled in Jared's collar.

"It's okay, Christian's gonna sit with you for a while. I'm not going far. I'll be right over there." He points at the recliner currently occupied by Christian then very deliberately uncurls his boyfriend's fist from its death grip on his shirt, kisses the delicate skin on the inside of his wrist, and stands up. "I love you."

It's hard to leave his boy sitting there when he's so insecure and Jared wonders if he's doing the right thing here. He can't stand the thought of a strained relationship between Jensen and his best friend though and this is the only thing he can think of to mend it before things get too awkward between them.

"Seriously man, get over there. He thinks you're mad at him." Jared makes a shooing gesture once he reaches Christian.

Christian looks over at Jensen and his eyebrows crease.

"You aren't mad at him, are you?" The thought of anyone being angry at Jensen is pretty farfetched; still, Jared has to ask.

"No, I…no." Brown hair shields his face as Christian bows his head.

"Then what are you waiting for? Go tell him."

"Yeah." Sighing, Christian walks the four steps to the couch as though he's a convicted man on his way to the damn hangman's noose, stooped shoulders, shuffling feet, the whole nine yards.

It would be funny as hell if it wasn't so fucking tragic because Jensen is watching him with these big, soulful eyes like he's lost his best friend and Jared just wants Christian to get over there and do something to wipe that expression away. Jensen should never be unhappy.

That should be a rule. Jared's officially making that one of the rules, right the fuck, now.

Christian sits next to Jensen, arm around his best friend's shoulders, and pulls him into a loose hug. Then he whispers something into Jensen's ear that Jared can't hear.

Whatever Christian said works. The hurt look on Jensen's face disappears, replaced with the contentment Jared had been expecting earlier.

Nestling into the crook of Christian's arm, Jensen reaches out to place one hand on his best friend's chest, right over his heart in a gesture so sweet and familiar, Jared has to take a deep breath to steady himself.

Jensen is one of the most tactile creatures Jared knows; he loves to touch and be touched. It's one of Jared's favorite things about him.

A smile of pure affection appears on Christian's face, the first smile he's worn since the margaritas came out. He holds Jensen's hand against his chest with one of his own and Jensen leans in to rest his head on his friend's shoulder, eyes getting a far-away, dreamy look in them.

Apparently so engrossed in the baseball game that he's unaware of the change in seating arrangements, Chad turns around to say something to Jared and does a double take when he sees Jensen snuggled up to Christian instead. "Wait a minute. Are we taking turns? Can it be my turn next?"

"No Chad." Everyone in the room says in unison.

With a huff, Chad turns to face the TV again. "Fine, be that way."

By the time the game is over and everyone starts getting ready to leave, Jensen is all but asleep on Christian's shoulder.

Jared thanks their friends for coming, assuring them that he and Jensen will be in touch to make plans soon.

When he goes to collect his boy from the couch, Jensen in disinclined to move, humming softly and blinking sleepy, unfocused eyes.


Shrugging, Jared lifts Jensen into his arms and carries him out to the truck, laughing when Tom makes a comment about his caveman routine.

They have the best friends in the world.

On to Chapter 3

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