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Green Wings and Shiny Things 2/5

Title: Green Wings and Shiny Things (2/5)
Author: Disneymagics
Rating: NC17
Pairing: J2
Characters: Jared, Jensen, Christian, Misha, Alona, and Felicia
Genre: H/C, Crack, RPS
Disclaimer: None of these people belong to me; they all belong to themselves. None of this is true in any way, shape or form. I made it all up, obviously, Jensen is not a green-winged fairy.
Warnings: M/M, naked fairies, touch starvation
Word Count: 2,800 this part
Summary: Written in response to a prompt by angelzfurys at spnkink-meme.  Jensen loves his friends and his life in the meadow, but his curiosity about the humans who will soon be moving into the houses beyond the tree line on the other side of the meadow leads him to undertake an adventure.  Traveling alone is dangerous for a fairy.  Everything is bigger than they are and, although they have some protective magic, it often isn't enough.  Add in the very real risk of touch starvation and it's easy to see how this adventure could end in tragedy.
A/N: Thank you etoile_etiolee.  Your beautiful manip of fairy!Jensen gave me the last little push I needed to write this fic.  You are a great friend and a very brave person!

Green Wings and Shiny Things

Chapter 2


The rain has stopped and, with the lack of a distraction, Jensen begins to feel twitchy again, like he's missing out on something wonderful, like some great new discovery is just over the next hill. He's been feeling this way a lot lately and it's getting harder and harder to ignore. There's just so much he wants to know, so many places he wants to explore. Without conscious thought, his gaze wanders to the tree line at the edge of the meadow and beyond the trees to where-

"Jensen, you have that expression on your face again." Misha's sudden appearance cuts through his reverie.

"What are you talking about? What expression?" he asks.

"You know, the one you get when you are about to do something crazy." Misha puts both his hands on Jensen's shoulders and stares directly into his eyes. "Remember when you decided to crawl down into that garden snake's hole?"

Jensen flutters his wings and averts his eyes, mumbling, "I just wanted to see how deep it went."

"Yes, I know you did. That is what you said after you got stuck and Guardian had to dig you out. The point I am trying to make is, the expression you have on your face now is the same as the one you had right before that attempt to become an earthworm. Are you planning another sojourn underground? Because if so, you might want to give Guardian a heads up this time so he can have a shovel handy."

Humor sparkles in Misha's blue eyes, but there's an undercurrent of concern that makes up for his teasing tone.

Jensen knows his friend only wants good things for him. The four quadral mates are as close as any four friends could ever be. They have been together since birth and they will be together for as long as they live. Jensen loves them all very, very much and he knows they love him too.

He only wishes that was enough to quell the yearning inside of him.

With some effort he dredges up a light-hearted smile and shakes his head. "No, I am not planning to burrow into the ground again. That would be a silly thing to do for I can think of so many more entertaining ways to spend my time."

Misha laughs and pulls him into a hug. "Just so. Let us devise a new obstacle course and see who can complete it the fastest. We will need to find some way to slow Alona down. If she wins again, she will never stop boasting."

Jensen snuggles into his friend's embrace even as he agrees to the obvious diversionary tactic. An idea has just occurred to him and he's going to need to fortify himself before he can carry it out.


Fairies are not devious by nature. Jensen doesn't mean to be devious, really he doesn't. It's just that once the idea comes to him, he cannot get rid of it.

A quick trip to the other side of the clearing to look at the human dwellings is the perfect way to satisfy his curiosity. He only needs to take a peek inside, just to see how the humans live, and that will be enough. Then he can go back to his meadow and all will be well.

There's no need to worry anyone. He can go and be back before his friends have time to miss him and alert the Guardian. The obstacle course will keep them busy for the rest of the day, especially if he tells Misha that the only way to ensure Alona doesn't win is to make the course as long and complicated as possible.

While they all work on setting up the obstacles, Jensen takes every opportunity he finds to brush up against the other fairies, storing the nourishment skin-on-skin contact gives him. The trip alone across the meadow and back will require all his reserves. At one point, he even feigns tiredness and flies over to sit on the Guardian's shoulder and lean against his warm neck.

If the Guardian thinks this odd, he doesn't say anything, simply reaches up and caresses Jensen's wing with one finger.

Jensen bides his time. The obstacle course he has helped devise will range over the entire meadow, encompassing sections where the fairies will have to run, fly, jump, and even do cartwheels. It requires a lot of preparation.

Once the other three fairies have disappeared over the crest of Kaliope Hill to create an obstacle out of the mushroom ring that grows on the southern slope, Jensen makes his move. He has to be quick. His quadral mates will be visible to the Guardian again as soon as they move on to the boysenberry patch where they will encourage the bushes to form a series of tunnels with their branches. By that time, Jensen must be well hidden and hope the Guardian does not notice that there are only three specks in the distance instead of four.

With a flick of his wings, he sends a spray of fairy dust swirling around the Guardian's head. Jensen isn't sure why he does it, but a little extra happiness cannot hurt. He then rubs his cheek against the Guardian's much larger one, a common gesture of gratitude, and flies off in the general direction of Kaliope Hill where the other fairies are still arranging the mushrooms.

Instead of continuing down the southern slope, however, Jensen veers to the east. The tall, green reeds that carpet the ground there provide the perfect cover. Jensen flies a zig-zagging path amongst the shrub and underbrush, giddy in his certainty that no one has yet taken heed of his departure.

A shiver of delight goes through him. His heart beats a staccato rhythm against his very small ribs. He's off on a grand adventure. He has never done anything like this. As far as he knows, no fairy has ever deliberately left his quadral mates and his guardian to go off on his own. Occasionally, a fairy will wander away accidentally, but not on purpose. This is something brand new and, although it's a little frightening to be all by himself for the first time, it's also exhilarating.

He makes it across a long, open field of wild flowers, breaks through the line of pine trees that mark the edge of the meadow, and stops, amazed. Even from this distance, the human dwellings look humongous, massive structures made of wood and brick. He cannot imagine what it must be like to live inside such gigantic boxes, never to see the stars sparkle overhead just before he falls asleep or to feel the cool breeze during the night.

There are no humans in sight. The houses appear finished, but no one has taken up residence inside them yet. They are silently waiting, like giant, squat sentries all in a row.

Curiosity buzzes through him, making his wings quiver. What do the humans keep inside their houses? Why do they feel the need to cut down all the vegetation and erect such large structures for their own use? What goes on behind the walls where humans isolate themselves from all other animal and plant life?

Humans are an alluring mystery and Jensen is so close to finding some of the answers to his many questions. The excitement he feels is almost more than he can bear. He flies around in a tight, little circle, stops, and wraps his arms around his torso as if by doing so he can somehow keep himself from bursting into a million feverish pieces.

He takes a few calming breaths and then darts, quick as an arrow, up to the nearest dwelling. A transparent panel set in one of the walls allows him a clear view inside. Heart fluttering, he presses his nose against the cool pane.

What his eager eyes see is...disappointing. The house is empty. The walls are bare, the rooms stark. It's just a hollow shell.

Jensen's high spirits plummet. He can learn nothing from an empty house.

He'll have to go back soon. Misha will get suspicious if Jensen stays away much longer. He doesn't want to worry anyone. Besides, the trip back is long and he can already feel the first signs of touch deprivation. The symptoms aren't strong yet, nothing serious, but the slight tremor in his hands reminds him that time is running out.

One more house, he thinks. Yes, there's definitely enough time to check out one more of the human dwellings before he has to return to the clearing. The thought makes his drooping wings perk back up.

Ignoring the tell-tale pang in his chest, Jensen flutters across the space between the two buildings. A wooden fence surrounds the area where the grass has only been allowed to grow to a very short height, not even reaching over Jensen's head. It would be impossible to play hiding games in that grass and Jensen is perplexed as to why anyone would want to keep it so short.

Several of the transparent panes line the side of the next house. Sunlight reflects off the smooth, hard substance in much the same way as it reflects off the surface of a calm pond.

Holding his breath in anticipation, Jensen hovers in front of the first one. He's almost afraid to look for fear of being disappointed again. This is his last chance at investigation, at least until he can convince his friends and the Guardian to come back with him and who knows when that will be.

He closes one eye and peers inside with the other, hands cupped on either side of his face. The breath he's holding gushes from his mouth, fogging the pane. Quickly, Jensen wipes the moisture away.

He is rewarded for his efforts with his first glimpse of actual human belongings. Jensen's closed eye pops open.

This house is not empty. This house has stuff in it. Lots and lots of stuff. Most of the things look very strange. Everything is very big, of course. Jensen had been expecting that. What he hadn't been expecting is just how much of it there is. Brown boxes are stacked on top of each other everywhere. There are things that look as though they might be meant for sitting on and things that seem to be for putting other things inside of and even things to put other things on, although Jensen can't imagine what or why.

Instead of dampening his curiosity, the sight of so many strange objects only makes it burn hotter. Every item he sees opens up a world of entirely new questions. He dashes from one transparent pane to the next and, in his excitement, he forgets all about the growing tremors in his hands.

Finding a way into the house is something he dares not even wish for and yet, there it is, as though put there just for him, a small gap between one of the panes and the wall. Without a second thought, Jensen flies through.

His heart begins to thump wildly, sparking a rush of adrenaline. He is inside the human dwelling. It is utterly overwhelming. He performs a mid-air pirouette, which he is glad his friends are not here to see and tease him for, and lands on the floor behind a stack of boxes.

The sound of sharp, staccato footsteps startles him so much that he is momentarily paralyzed. He had not realized there was anyone but him inside the dwelling.

"Yes, Mr. Padalecki," a voice says. "Your furniture has arrived and all of your boxes have been delivered. The house is ready for you whenever you want to come by."

A human. And a female one from the sound of her voice.

This is wonderful! Jensen is eager to meet his first human.

Sure enough, a female strides past the boxes Jensen is standing next to. From his low vantage point, all he can really see of her are the pointy shoes she has on her feet.

"I'm just going to make sure the house is secure before I leave. I'll lock up and you can pick up a set of keys from my office whenever you like. Thank you, Mr. Padalecki. Good bye."

"Hello there," Jensen says in his friendliest tone of voice. "My name is Jensen. It is so very nice to meet you."

The human keeps on walking. She doesn't even slow down and Jensen realizes that she hasn't seen him. She stands next to the opening in the wall, pushes down on the pane, and the gap closes.

"Oh," Jensen says, surprised. "No, wait." He flies to where the gap used to be. "Will you please open that again? I need to get out."

He spins around just in time to see the female human go through a much larger opening in a different wall. The opening closes with a harsh bang.

Fear settles like a stone in Jensen's belly. He calls out as loudly as he can, "Come back! Please!"

But the human does not come back.

Jensen is all alone.

And he's trapped.

The fine tremors in his hands spread up his arms into his chest and his wings. Jensen goes from happy and excited to terrified in a matter of seconds. He rushes to the dwelling's main human exit, wings beating the air frantically, and pounds on it with his tiny fists. The noise he makes is no louder than a dull thump. It's not enough. He knows it's not enough.

A frightened, little sob catches in his throat. His grand adventure now seems so stupid and pointless. Why had he left the safety of his meadow, the comforting touches of his friends and the Guardian, to come out here all by himself? Why had this been so important?

His friends will have noticed his absence by now. They will be worried about him. The Guardian will be searching for him, will probably be blaming himself for letting Jensen get lost. As vigilant as the Guardian is, as faithful and protective as he always has been, he doesn't deserve this. This is all Jensen's fault, no one else's. Jensen hangs his head, shame and grief heavy on his shoulders.

His qaudral mates and the Guardian will scour the meadow, looking for him, but they will never think to look for him here. They will never know what fate has befallen him. That fact, more than the thought of his own death, is what makes Jensen pull himself together.

Maybe there is another way out. Maybe if he stops feeling sorry for himself and just looks around, he can find a way home.

The dwelling seems even larger on the inside than it had on the outside. There are multiple sections divided by many walls. Some of the sections are quite large and hold many things while others, by comparison, only look big enough to hold one or two humans comfortably at a time.

Jensen flies from one area to the next, checking for any other gaps or openings in the walls that might lead to the outside. He examines every corner, every crevasse. He searches along the top of the walls and behind every box. There's nothing, not even a crack.

By the time he gets to the last room, the tremors have graduated to full-blown shudders that wrack his entire body. The muscles in his wings are so fatigued that they can barely suspend him any longer. Defeated, he sinks down onto the nearest surface, something hard and cold and profoundly unwelcoming.

He longs for the warmth and comfort of his burrow. His body craves nourishment. He needs someone to touch him. The emptiness inside his chest that Jensen equates with hunger has expanded. It threatens to engulf him. He swallows convulsively.

In desperation, he brings his shaking hands to his naked belly, rubbing circles into his own skin. He closes his eyes and imagines that Misha is stroking him, that Felicia is snuggled up against him, that Alona has her head in his lap. He thinks about the Guardian caressing his wing with one large, gentle finger. He lets the harsh world around him dissolve and surrenders to his fantasy.

The sun sets on the world outside and, as the light fades, so does Jensen's strength. Malnourished and frail, his body begins to shut down. The tremors ease off, leaving him feeling sluggish and languid. The cold surface he's laying on doesn't seem so unforgiving anymore.

It isn't a bad death, Jensen thinks. It isn't painful.

Lassitude steals over him. His hands stop moving against his belly. He tries to flutter his wings, but they don't so much as twitch. Tries to open his eyes, but he cannot. He doesn't even have the strength to roll from his back onto his side.

He is just so sleepy, so weary.

This is it. This is how it ends, how he ends.

His last thoughts are of his friends, his meadow, and the obstacle course he'll never get to play on.

Continued in Chapter 3

Start at the beginning ( Chapter 1 )

Tags: alona, christian, fairy!jensen, felicia, green wings and shiny things, h/c, jared, jensen, misha, schmoop

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