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Life is a Journey



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Me & Jared
Hello my Dear F-list,

I need your help. I want to take the plunge and set up a Twitter account, not because I want to send out any tweets, but because there are certain people *coughJensencough* that I would like to follow. So my question is, should I use my real name as my user name on Twitter, or use a made up name? Also, how do I find the people I want to follow?

Thanks in advance for any help!

  • You could've asked me, you know.
  • Here's my twitter: I made one for the same reason.
  • I really wish I hadn't used my real name. There are things I like to say that I don't want my teenage daughters friends reading from me.
    • I'm only watching people on twitter, I never tweet, so using my real name was easier ;-)
    • Ah, too late for me too. I just set up my account and used my real name. I'm not planning on doing any tweeting though so I think it'll be alright.
  • I don't tweet either...I just follow people. And I use my real name.
  • That's a difficult question to answer.
    I'm on twitter as Marchia43 only because I can't be bothered creating a million different names and then all those different passwords and then creating all these different profiles.
    Marchia is my real name and 43 was the house I used to live in.... I now live in a house numbered 502 so I can't be bothered to change the name now!
    Like you I wanted to join twitter to follow some people and it is fun for that - just don't bother too much with it or you will find yourself swamped with tweets and twitters etc.,
    That's my opinion - hope it helps
  • Ooops - just realised you have already done it
    Ignore me! LOL
    • I know what you mean about all the different names and passwords. It gets to be a real pain, especially considering all the accounts I have set up for work as well as personal use. Thanks for responding to my question!!!
  • Yay, you're going on Twitter! I"m @dluognej on there :) I'll follow you! I'm guessing you'll be under disneymagics?
    • Yes, I'm on Twitter. I used my real name. I'll go follow you now so you'll know who I am. <3
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