disneymagics (disneymagics) wrote,

Countdown to Season 10 with Bunnies

I missed a day in the countdown because of an ipad related tragedy. There was a happy ending however, long story short, the ipad was replaced for free and my cloud backup worked perfectly so nothing was lost. (I had a few hours of panic when I wasn't sure if I had set everything up to automatically backup in which case I would have lost all the stories I've been writing.)

So, on with the countdown:::4 days until season 10:::Here is a pic of Mr. Bun. He is the real life bunny I used to model Jensen's stuffed rabbit in the Innocents 'verse. One of the sweetest rabbits ever, he loves to get on my shoulder and cuddle.

Tags: innocents 'verse, rabbits, season 10 countdown

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