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Life is a Journey

Countdown to Season 10 with Bunnies

Countdown to Season 10 with Bunnies

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I missed a day in the countdown because of an ipad related tragedy. There was a happy ending however, long story short, the ipad was replaced for free and my cloud backup worked perfectly so nothing was lost. (I had a few hours of panic when I wasn't sure if I had set everything up to automatically backup in which case I would have lost all the stories I've been writing.)

So, on with the countdown:::4 days until season 10:::Here is a pic of Mr. Bun. He is the real life bunny I used to model Jensen's stuffed rabbit in the Innocents 'verse. One of the sweetest rabbits ever, he loves to get on my shoulder and cuddle.

  • Yay for free replacement, and hallelujah for cloud!!!
    • Yes! And here's the really funny part - my apple care extended warranty ran out the day after the ipad inexplicable stopped working. So if it had waited one more day to break, I would have been SOL. :)
  • Mr. Bun is adorable, and yay! for cloud backups :)
    • Yay indeed. I even had the Apple store guy who was helping me worried because I told him if it didn't work, I would be sobbing in his store. :)
  • (no subject) -
    • He does have a grumpy old man expression which always makes me laugh. My son wants a dwarf lop ear rabbit, but with 5 dwarf lionhead rabbits, we don't have the space for any more. :)
  • Such an adorable little cutie!
    • Thanks, he is a sweatheart and my favorite of our rabbits, which is funny because he is the rabbit we got for free when we purchased two others. The breeder had too many white rabbits and so she just gave him to us.
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