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Tagged! 7 lines from the 7th page

It looks like I may be late to the party, but I have been tagged by dreamweaver37, zara_zee, etoile_etiolee, and tcs1121 to take part in the 7 from 7 meme. Here are seven lines from a WIP titled "Nothing Up My Sleeve" in which Jensen is an impulsive and curious magical being who makes his way to our non-magical realm with his traveling companion, Misha the marmoset.

The line moves along at a moderate pace and soon it's Jensen's turn. He's been watching the serving girl's interactions with the other patrons and has his response all ready for her question.

She turns to him with a practiced smile and Jensen holds his breath, the words on the tip of his tongue, ready to burst out of him as soon as she says her part of the ritual. But then her eyes go wide, gaze traveling from his face to his shoulder, and her voice hits a higher register than she's used with any of the other patrons. "Oh, your monkey is so cute! You're just the cutest thing I've ever seen!" she gushes while making pouty lips at Misha.

I tag: tebtosca, yonkyu, virtualpersonal, sharlot1926, queeberquabbler, alycat, and dragonspell

If you have already taken part in this meme and I missed it, my appologies.
Tags: supernatural, writing challenge
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