disneymagics (disneymagics) wrote,


Hello y'all!

Here is a picture of my first try at making jewelry. The colors aren't coming across very well on my i-Pad, but...The one on the left is a triple wrap around bracelet in lavender and crystal that has a magnetic clasp. The one on the right is an amber, coral, and garnet necklace. They were lots of fun to make. My friend Ginger makes and sells jewelry as a hobby. She invited me over to give it a try. I got to Ginger's house at 1:30pm yesterday, she showed me all the cool stuff she has made that's ready to sell, and then we talked about colors and styles. The time flew by and before I know it, I had made both these pieces and it was already almost 8:00pm. It'll be fun wearing them to work and showing them off. :)

Tags: being creative, jewlry making

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