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Life is a Journey

Alpha reader needed

Alpha reader needed

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Sleeping Beauty

Yes, I'm still alive and I'm back to writing again. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in providing some guidance on the next chapter of Declarations of Innocents? I'd really love to have someone to discuss the story with before I post, just to make sure I'm going in the right direction. Any takers? I would greatly appreciate it!
  • I will do it. Just PM me and all!! I'll help anyway I can!!!
  • (Anonymous)
    I would love to do this for you, how can I contact you?
  • sooooooooooo exited that u are writing...<3
    • I'm very thankful for this message from you. Writing is hard, but this is why I continue to try. XOXO
  • Man, I am so, so happy to hear that you're writing on this verse <3
    • I know you are waiting until I finish before you read this story and that makes this comment even more precious to me. Thank you!
      • I will wait here, no matter how long you need. No pressure :D <3 (*is still grinning like an idiot because YOU'RE WRITING ON THIS VERSE* lol)
  • If you want I will also give it a read over. I don't consider my opinion to be expert in any way, but if you want that second look just pm me and I will be happy to look.
    Also thrilled that you are writing again and in this verse.
    • I'm so lucky to have more than one person interested in helping. If you PM me your e-mail, I'll send you what I have so far. Thank you!
  • Woohoo! I just checked here last week to make sure I haven't missed anything! Looking forward to the chapter when it is ready :-)
  • I'm so happy that you're continuing this story!! I just dropped in to see if *maybe* there was an update. Something to look forward to now! Thank you.
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