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Good Morning!

I hope anyone reading this is doing alright today. We’ve all had a few days now to process the news that Season 15 will be the last. I’ve read many posts that sum up the way I feel much better than I can, so all I’ll say is that like so many of you, our little show has changed my life, made me stronger, led me to accept myself quirks and all, given me a community, a family, and showed me that I’m not alone. I love it and will miss it, but I’m so glad to have had it in my life. I’ll still be here, writing fanfic and reading it. I hope you all will be too.

My Big Bang is still coming along well. I finished the 3rd chapter today. In total I have 34k words written. With two chapters left to go, lets hope they are much shorter than he previous three or I may be in trouble! The third chapter ends on a dark note and I made myself cry this morning. Oh, the things I do to poor Jensen. How can I do these things when I love him so?

I’ve also got a plot and 500 words written for my Spring Fling fic. It’s going to be the crackiest story I’ve ever written and also the shortest. It’ll will probably go all the way to the limit of 2,500 words because I don’t do short, hence the no drabbles rule for me. I’d never pull it off.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! <3 (((Hugs)))
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