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Life is a Journey

VanCon 2010

VanCon 2010

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Sleeping Beauty


VanCon 2010 Me and Jared!  Could I be smiling any bigger?  I don't think so!

  • That's a great pic!
  • Nice!
  • Oh my god, jealous! And happy for you at the same time :P
  • Awww look at you two :D You look so adorable! You don't look as nervous as I know you were haha
  • hello! you and your husband were sitting next to me at the convention. nice picture!
  • Sweet! I smile on your behalf.
  • Awesome! :)
  • So cute - this'll be me in October in Chicago!! Well if I don't get lost somewhere on the way (I'm on my own travelling via Mesa Verde and Nashville from the UK - scary stuff!)
  • That is a really sweet picture.
    He is such a sweetheart.
    Couldn't go to VanCon myself, but went to some of the European conventions this year instead and am still smiling all over my face just like you, whenever I think of all of them, but especially Jared.
    I don't like to have my own photo-ops public, but if you want to see them as well, I can add you to the matching filter.
  • Awesome picture!

    Jared is so nice and caring when it comes to fans and people in general. You realise that right away when you go to a convention. :)
  • I was there with my daughter! What a blast we had. And I have to say that Jared is even more handsome in person than on TV. Is that possible? :)

    What a fantastic city! My first time in Canada.

    Great pic!

    This is my daughter with him:


    He was scrunching down, she is just over 5 feet tall! :) She is the one that Richard Speight Jr sang "Happy Birthday" to, if you were there for that part. :)

    Edited at 2010-12-02 05:46 am (UTC)
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